Bird Girl
Bird Girl
Bird Girl is my latest book. It's a summery seaside adventure, full of mystery.

Finch Field is spending the holiday with her beloved granny in Sunview-on-Sea, the brightest happiest place in the world. But just after Finch arrives a strange cloud appears, covering the town in gloom. Sunview isn't sunny any more and one by one the townspeople start to lose their most treasured dreams and desires. Will Finch be able to find out who is stealing them? And will she be able to get them back before she loses her own secret dream?

Here's a snippet from Chapter 3.

“That’s a funny looking cloud,” Finch said. “Isn’t it, Granny?”
    Granny Field didn’t answer. She was very still,
staring at the cloud, as if she was mesmerised by it.
    “Granny!” Finch cried. “Watch what you’re doing!”
    Granny Field broke away from the cloud and looked
down at her skirt which was trickling with purple. She
had been clenching her fist so tightly she had squeezed
the blackcurrants of their juice.
    She shook her head and licked her dripping hand.
    “Silly me. I must be going daft!”
    Finch laughed. “It’s only a cloud,” she said.
    Granny looked up again for a moment, as if to make
sure. Then she laughed too. “Of course it is,” she said.

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Scintillating ... a story that may seem light and breezy at first, but draws you in to an amazing magical plot that bites deep, particularly if you're like us - and a lot like Finch.
Utterly brilliant ... we'll be hunting out more from Maudie very soon

Read it Daddy

All about the importance of dreams and being true to yourself, BIRD GIRL is an exciting and unexpected story! ... The relationship between Finch and her grandmother is beautifully portrayed - its warmth and energy are delightful. Finch shows great courage and determination when her friends are at risk and learns a lot about herself along the way. An enjoyable read aloud story, offering plenty to discuss
North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

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